The current culture of safety and health (OSH) has permeated society and are increasingly considered priority organizations achieve strong performance of it, integrating it into the philosophy of organizations.

Safety and health at work should be included in strategic plans and corporate governance as a key factor to its success. This commitment we have undertaken in 2012 by obtaining certification to OHSAS 18001:2007.

The implementation of a safety management system and occupational health has the following impact on the organization:
  • Set an appropriate policy for health and safety

  • Helps to identify and meet the requirements of legislation

  • Determines the health and safety aspects related to the activities, products and services of the organization

  • It involves both management and staff, clearly allocating responsibilities of each

  • Facilitates the allocation of resources

  • Establish and maintain a program of daily emergency response

  • Evaluates performance against policy and targets, looking for possible areas of improvement.

  • To review and audit the system

As an element of integration of prevention in the management of the company, we have proceeded to melt the quality policies and Prevention of Occupational Risks in a single policy, which serves as a reference in our actions, which is known and applied by all staff, and is continually revised to ensure their adequacy.